Mela is more than a yoga teacher. She is a friend, a confidante and an inspiration for how to live a life rooted in love and truth. Her classes guide you to connect to a deeper part of yourself and she creates a safety to allow that that to be expressed fully. She will make you laugh, and cry and she will wrap it all up in a big bear hug. She is very knowledgeable in yoga philosophy, anatomy, asana, pranayama and the playful joy of partner/acro yoga. You can trust her to expand your mind and your heart and leave you with more courage and peace to carry into your life. Endless Gratitudes to my teacher, Mela.

-Alanna, Canada

Mela teaches very effective yoga classes on a level that is pleasant and relaxed and even has a sense of humor. In addition to the yoga philosophy, her food and nutrition knowledge permeates her classes which I find very valuable. Because Mela is a professional nurse, she can also share precise information about anatomy and answer a wide range of health questions. One can sense that she has learned many different styles of yoga and practices them herself. I always feel safe and cared for in her classes and therefore strongly trust and recommend her teaching abilities.


- Wale, Switzerland

After spending one month with Mela as one of our instructors it quickly became evident that she is very passionate about what she does.  She is always eager to share her experience and knowledge and has an uncapped love and dedication to yoga and what it has to offer, it was always a pleasure to see and have her teach.  Thank you so much Mela!


- Reneé, South Africa

Mela is an inspirational teacher who helps you go beyond your comfort zone and experience life to its fullest. She inspired me to try things I was afraid of, and move beyond my fear. She taught me so much about how to move energy within my body, and how my energy affects everything around me. Mela’s positive energy comes out and filled me with energy. When you meet Mela, you feel her joy and she shares it willingly and absolutely. I thoroughly enjoyed my month with Mela and hope to be able to spend more time with her in the future.

-Anne, USA

I thank Mela deeply for all the lessons I was able to enjoy with her. I always felt like a river of energy afterwords! The exercises she teaches are really powerful on different levels. Mela has a beautiful ability to transmit the meaning of the yoga she teaches to her students and to connect them to the tradition.

 - Nina, Switzerland

Mela is an inspirational and divine facilitator who breathes love into her classes. She is a powerful and extremly know- ledgeable Yogini and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend her Kundalini Yoga classes in Ladakh. If you get the chance to learn from this living goddess - do it!

- Annabella, Australia

Mela is a very skilled teacher with a big variety of practises (Kundalini yoga, Nutrition, Anatomy, Acro yoga etc.). She combines her knowledge and skills with practical examples/ exercises. In this way you get a better understanding and is it applicable into your daily life. She teaches with passion, love and laughter what energizes.

- Rogier, Netherlands

The true pursuit of yoga is not for the faint of heart. In Mela Mariposa, whose gorgeous acquaintance I was fortunate enough to make on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, you will find the heart of a tiger, a peaceful warrior and a true teacher of light. Despite my brief time in her company and under her instruction, her countenance and energy left a lasting impression on me. Our modern world of yoga is permeated by a very particular type of falsity and I am not easily impressed by your average yoga instructor. However, Mela works from the heart, a deep place of knowing, and is a teacher with whom I would trust my practice as well as my friendship. I look forward to working with her in the years to come and admire her absolutely. Her classes are well-balanced between breath work, spirituality and strength and her character is rich, attentive and honest. Mela is beautiful, inside and out, and she provides a fierce light to all she encounters. A gift onto this world!

-Rebecca, USA